At this time, we are requiring all new and existing Consigners to book an appointment for drop-off. We appreciate the abundant love from our community, but due to our limited space appointments work best.
Appointments can be booked on the HOME  or CONTACT page. 
Reach with out with questions and we will do out best to accommodate your preferred appointment time.
All consigners are required to review and sign the Consignment Agreement during first appointment.  Once items are processed, you will receive an email from Ricochet with login instructions. 
After logging in, Consigners can see account details such as; inventory status in real-time. consigner credit, purchase/payout history, opt-in for notifications when items sell or contact us  from the app. 
You've gone through your closet and decided what you don't want to keep - now what?
First - congrats! Next, you want to separate your clothes into two piles:
New w/ Tags or Wore it Once: If you didn't even get the tags off the item or only wore it once (or tried it on and took it right off again - I do that), and you bought it in the last couple of years - congrats! this is likely your top dollar pile!
Gently Worn Items: This is everything else that you wore 2-3 times and you're not sure on the status.
Let's now go back and look at your first pile. If it's new w/ tags, do a quick check over, make sure nothing is damaged or dirty and set aside. Next you want to go through your tag-less items that you might have only worn once. Pick up each item and check it carefully. If it looks like it needs a refresh - set aside for laundering and touch ups. If it makes sense, start creating two more piles - one for delicate or hand wash items and one for regular wash items.
Move on to your next pile of gently worn items. Take a bit more time on these. Test zippers, check seams (particularly hip and thigh and underarm seams which can take some wear), hold items up to the light and review for any holes or stains inside and out. Look at the inside of clothing for deodorant marks as well.
Anything that just needs a wash / freshen up, put in the appropriate laundry pile.
You're done! Now just wash up your items and get them ready to drop off.
Are you overwhelmed with your closet?  We make house calls!  If you have already cleaned out your closet and can't make it in to drop off, we will be happy to come to you.  We do reserve this service for existing consignors and/or larger pick ups so please send a message.
Why shop resale?
Save money
You can buy the same item you see new in stores for less than half the original price. Many items in our store are barely used or completely new, with original tags, for a fraction of the original price.
Help save the environment
The materials and energy that go into producing clothing pollute the environment. Giving clothes a second chance for use reduces the need for production of new clothing.
Reduce waste in landfills
Landfills worldwide are loaded with millions of tons of unnecessary trash, including clothing.
Buy local
Instead of shopping at a big corporation where you don't know what business practices your money is supporting, buying from local, independently owned shops supports your community. (According to the American Independent Business Alliance, independent retailers return more than 3x as much money per dollar of sales to the local community than chain competitors).
What’s more: half of the money you spend at our store goes directly to other parents in the area—the consignors who bring us the products you buy.
It’s fun
You never know what you’ll find when shopping resale. From classic must-have brands, to cult favorites, to designer finds, to the occasional handmade and vintage treasures, our store is full of truly special pieces.
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