Passionate about the transformative power of fashion, I have always believed that the right outfit has the ability to boost confidence and completely reshape your day. This conviction led me to pursue a fashion degree at Radford University, where I graduated in 2005.
Following my college journey, I naturally gravitated towards commercial retail. However, after the arrival of my son, Lucas Lane, the demands of working nights and weekends clashed with my newfound role as a mother. Determined to find the perfect balance, I took a bold step to go back to school and delve into another passion of mine – interior design. Over the next decade, I not only honed my skills as a designer but also expanded my family to include our beloved daughter, Piper Lillian.
My extensive experience in commercial interiors exposed me to new challenges, leadership opportunities, and a deep appreciation for quality products. Yet, I yearned for something more. It was time to merge my design expertise with my love for fashion and embark on a new venture – the creation of my own business, L+L.
Excitement fills me as I envision the possibilities that come with owning a store that leverages my innate talents, serves my community, and keeps me closer to home. As a woman navigating today's world, I fully understand the struggle of staying on trend without breaking the bank every six months as children inevitably outgrow their clothing. This understanding fuels my desire to assist parents in meeting the evolving needs of their growing kids while ensuring they remain stylish in high-quality gear.
At L+L, every item in our consignment shop is carefully handpicked. We offer personalized shopping experiences, closet organization services, and even a touch of baby whispering for those precious little ones. I am thrilled to be at the intersection of my two passions – fashion and design – and eager to contribute to the fashion landscape in a way that resonates with the needs of my community.
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