I have always loved fashion. I love the way an outfit can make you feel confident and capable, the right look can change your whole day. I took this attitude with me to college and graduated with a fashion
degree from Radford University in 2005. Commercial retail was a natural progression, but after the birth of my son, Lucas Lane, working nights and weekends wasn’t the right fit. This momma needed a reboot! I took the opportunity to go back to school and pursue another passion, interior design. I spent the next 10 years growing as a designer and expanding my family to include our daughter, Piper Lillian. My decade in commercial interiors gave me the opportunity to learn new things, take on leadership roles, and appreciate the value of a good product, but I knew I wanted more. I was ready to combine my design skills with my love of fashion and start my own business, L+L. I am excited about the opportunities involved in owning a store that utilizes my natural talents, provides a service to my community, and keeps me closer to home.
As a woman in today's world, I understand the struggle of keeping up with the latest looks while not blowing the clothing budget every six months when my children outgrow their shoes, or their pants are too short. I know other parents feel this way and I want to help meet the needs of our growing kids while keeping them current in high quality gear. Everything in our consignment shop is hand selected, we offer personal shopping, closet organization, and a dab of baby whispering.
 I am wearing the infamous white dress from "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress". This dress reminds me of "my why". For years, I have loaned out this dress and she hugs everyone perfectly.  And without fail, that lady feels lovely. ​​​​​​​
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